How Social Media Marketing (SMM) works and why is it so popular?

social media marketing (smm)

Social media is not just our regular texting, photo sharing, and video uploading platform anymore. It has evolved as a much bigger space to accumulate marketing, awareness, and global reach as a whole concept. The need for Social Media Marketing (SMM) jumped when people started realizing the actual impact of social media. With just a few modifications, it can be a boon to the marketing industry.

Apart from serving its original purpose, social media has now become the hotspot destination for marketers and companies be it any sector, big or small, in any part of the world. Social media today is not only a mode of marketing for businesses but a business itself! If you wish to know the hows and whys of social media, this blog post meant for you!

How exactly does Social Media Marketing (SMM) work?

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing, just like traditional marketing works on the same footsteps of marketing basics. However, the only difference is the medium, its impact, content, target audience,and formulation of marketing techniques.

It promarily includes posts, blogs, videos, stories, tweets, etc. It also includes paid advertising that is made with the intent to reach a large number of potential users.

SMM depends heavily on the quality of content for marketing. But primarily the engagement i.e likes, shares, views depends more or less on compex algorithms.

What exactly does Social Media Marketing (SMM) do for a business/company/establishment?

  • Offers a multi-useful platform divided into various apps and websites to promote, market, and share their ideas with people/customers.
  • Increase traffic and footfall on websites and social media handles and hence widening the exposure of the company.
  • Creating a brand image, brand identity, brand awareness, brand idea as well as a positive association for the brand.
  • Establishing a share of information about products, ideas, updates, new developments, and news regarding the company for customers to follow.
  • Improve communication between the company and its customers. Or rather reducing the gap between the two making the customer-company relationship very transparent.
  • Promoting to a wide number of audience. Hence, creating a demand for their own product and services through Social Media Marketing.
  • Offering a wide variety of marketing-friendly tools on different apps that can help and enhance marketing for the company.

Most popular social media platforms used by companies to market online:

Social Media Platforms

Quite often, companies create accounts and handle on these platforms and start developing an online consumer base through active posting and sharing of content.

A lot of companies often choose to engage in paid marketing or sponsor ads on such platforms. This offers them more chances to reach a wider audience and attract more traffic on their own social media handles.

Social media is quite influential as a platform and since a lot of platforms can now be easily used for marketing, Social Media Marketing has become a staple for any and every company’s marketing tactic.

One of the greater goods that social media does in terms of marketing is creating and spreading a campaign. Quite often in favor of a company or a product of a cause backed up by the company and hence can get the company loads of benefits, attention, and interest. And also creates the desired image for the company.

Why is Social Media Marketing (SMM) so popular?

Social Media Marketing has recently become very popular and much in demand and there are a lot of reasons why it has been a big hit in the marketing world now.

Social Media Strategy

• It requires little to no capital

For a lot of companies especially start-ups, social media is THE most appropriate marketing tool. Mainly because of its less capital, more benefits way of working.

Making social media accounts for posts, blogs, videos and more requires no cost, just good and attractive content. It has the potential to market a company to the extreme.

It’s the bare minimum of social media basics. Since its cost-effective, it has become a popular choice among companies wishing to market online.

The reach is phenomenal

Literally, every person these days is on one or the other social media. So for companies marketing here, the target audience increases from a few thousand people to millions. As a result, the scope of reach is large.

The reach on social media is quite widespread and so is the chances of successful marketing. The more people viewing it, the more consumers drawing in is high and hence more beneficial.

• It is easy to use and manage

Social media is kids’ play once you get acquainted with how it works and how to use it for impact. But in general most social media are easy to use and have features that anyone can use effectively.

Hence the company does not have to scratch their brains to try to figure out how to use social media and can directly jump into their marketing tactics. Another reason why this is popular.

Apart from these pivotal points, social media has been deemed fruitful ever since it has become a key marketing tool and hence has become the IT space for all activities promotional.

Moreover, since the world has now completely shifted online, it is only justifiable why social media is the top preference for big brands, small brands, and local businesses.

If you are in a marketing fix, believe me, social media is the cure you need.

Social Media Marketing is an essential part of Digital Marketing and the advantages of both hand in hand is a steal deal for a business! Click here to read advantages of Digital Markeitng for a business.

Author- Misshka Guptaa

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