Who doesn’t want their website to be on the crest? But in order to have it, you need to make sure that you make it worthwhile. An SEO friendly blog post will help you do that.

Writing an optimized blog post for both search engines and users is a skill. Skills can be developed. Therefore, it can be improved by practice just like any other skill. Despite what people believe,  It’s not a big deal. There are a few painless steps that you need to keep in mind to ensure that everything you publish on your website is SEO friendly.

If you see, things like the title of the post, the structure of a blog, text formatting, headings, and paragraphs are quite easy to fix and yet they play a vital role in rankings.

SEO Friendly Blog Post

Here we have some tips for you to write an SEO friendly blog post.

Think Before You Start Writing

The time that you use to think about what you are going to write about before beginning with the work will definitely save you time later in the process. Whenever it is time to actually write the post you should take the topic and do detailed research (with the keywords) so as to answer the following question that will help you to write better:

  • What are the specific topics that need to be covered in the blog post?
  • What are the goals of the blog post? (in order to get better rankings for the keywords and to get more subscribers)
  • How exactly will your new post benefit your readers?

If you answer all these questions in advance, it’ll make it easier to move on with the further steps.

Use headings Correctly

When it comes to headings, a well- optimized post follows the following rules –

  • There is only one H1 tag on the page –

It is important to have only one h1 tag and heading to include your target keywords.  (It is usually the same as your title of the page, although it doesn’t necessarily have to be the same)

  • Use headings in a hierarchical mode –

The order should be h1-> h2-> h3. H1 is the title of the post, the main sections of it are H2 and H3 are the subsections.

It’s easy to get the headings right when you create a good blog structure.  There is a very simple reason why you should have your content organized in this structural way, and because it helps search engine spiders during the crawling process and makes your blog easier to read for the audience.

Keep your paragraphs short:

There is a good possibility for majority of your readers to be on their mobile phones so it is better to make it easier for them to read the content.

Just throwing long essays on a page and hitting the publish button won’t really help. Use small paragraphs of two to three sentences and use various formatting options like, bold, italic, underline to prettify your text, and make it look less boring.

  • Creating the structure of the Blog Post

The next step is writing down the structure for your blog post. In layman terms, all you need to do is to define the different parts of your post. The best way to make all of this easier is to split the blog into various parts. It also makes the writing faster and it is more efficient to write 200 words to explain or define a specific part of the blog instead of trying to write bigger paragraphs that are a little unpleasant to look at.

For Example (Rough Structure of this Article):


The structuring includes an introduction, the main part, and the conclusion. It is quite basic and is very similar to writing an essay. If you want you can even break down the main part of the blog into parts. This makes it much easier to work on. So, structuring your blog before you start makes it easier to carry on with the process. Also, it is a great time-saver.

Optimize the length of your blog post

Different studies have shown that the longer posts have better engagement rates and perform better in the search which also in turn receives more mentions and likes on social media platforms. Whatsoever the studies may suggest, it nowhere means that shorter blogs will not rank well. What matters the most is the quality of your content and not the quantity.

While writing a blog about a certain topic we must always keep in mind that we are in essence of competing with several other posts that cater to the same topic as yours. In such situations, you must work harder on your blog to make it better and attract the attention of users so that you can outrank and outperform other articles when promoted efficiently. Using hyperlinks and using the keywords in the optimal amount will definitely help you to perform better.


Devote some time doing your research and see a clear road for what to write about and what to achieve. Follow the tips given above to write SEO friendly blogs and allocate some time to make necessary changes to your existing ones. 

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