Influencer Marketing Is So Popular, Here’s Why-

Influencer Marketing

Digital Marketing is one of the most popular things running the online world today. Over the years, the trend of digital marketing as well as its position in the world has evolved to greater heights. With time, so has Influencer Marketing too!

Businesses have started engaging in digital marketing and also want to benefit from the many advantages it provides.

We’ve seen hardcore advertising to indirect advertising to clickbait advertising and so much more. However, digital marketing is seeing a new trend of influencer marketing. It involves the same old idea of the company being told through an influencer. This trend has caught a lot more attention now. Here’s why –

What is influencer marketing?

  • It is a new digital marketing trend that walks on the lines of indirect marketing. The company hires or collaborates with influencers or people with a good social media presence and market themselves through them.
  • An influencer is chosen or approached as per the nature of the company and the product/service to be marketed.
  • Companies have begun hiring people with a sizeable amount of followers. It is to make posts about their products/services instead of doing so themselves.
  • Sectors using influencer marketing as a tool are – Beauty companies, Clothing, and fashion companies, Restaurants, Salons and Spas, Blogs, Educational websites, Local businesses, and more.
  • It mainly involves the influencer making promotional posts for the company along with urging their followers to try out the product/service.
  • Influencer marketing also involves review videos, unboxing videos, and posts or videos of the influencer using the product to add more value to the product and the company.

Benefits Of Influencer Marketing:

1. Wide Exposure Of The Product/Service & The Company

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing opens new doors for a company to a new set of potential customers acquired through the influencer. Since influencer marketing works on the company’s image-building done by the influencer, a lot of people may get attracted to this type of marketing. This can create positive scenarios for the company and a jump in sales.

2. Builds Trust In The Company And What They Offer

Influencer Marketing

Influencers tend to have rather good relations with people who follow them and hence it is easy and productive to build the company’s image and trust through an influencer. People following an influencer will most likely be interested in a company based on what image the influencer creates of it and hence it is a great way to create trust among people.

3. Enhances A Company’s Marketing Through Better Content Strategy

Influencer Marketing

Quite often, the same old generic tactic used by companies which involves video ads, pop-ups, and social media posts and ads gets quite dull and boring at times. Hence influencer marketing offers a better content strategy to the company. Since an influencer does marketing, it can take any route to market the company. Influencers often make videos talking about their experience with the company’s product, unboxing videos, or just incorporate the company and their ideas on a daily basis. This often helps create a better image and connection for the company and is definitely more beneficial than the regular marketing scheme.

4. Creates A Bond & Brand Loyalty

Influencer marketing is more on a personal and emotional level since its not a company’s enforced marketing tactics at work, it’s a person’s personal opinion and thought that takes it forward. People will definitely vouch for a company if they see their trusted influencers use it and talk about it.

5. Boosts Social Media Presence

An influencer is just a key to success for a company. Their continuous mention of the company, sharing links of their products, and social media all contribute to the company’s relevancy and social media presence as well as their position on search engines.

6. Cost Friendly & More Beneficial

Influencer Marketing is Cost Friendly & More Beneficial

As compared to ads, influencer marketing is quite cost-effective since the capital invested in it is low. More often, it gives great returns to the brand. Companies sponsor the influencers and their content either through monetary measures or by providing them their products. The influencers in return advertise their products. But as a whole, this way of marketing has more advantages than others and at a rather less cost.

What exactly does an influencer do to market the company effectively?

  • Create original content like blogs, posts, videos, stories, tweets, etc. that highlight a company and what they offer.
  • Circulate and good mouth the company in their inner circle, family, and friends to create a more trustable word of mouth situation.
  • Share the company’s posts, social media content, and urge people to engage with it.
  • Boost SEO for the company through repeated marketing and blog writing with keywords.
  • Increase traffic on their site and pages by creating engaging content to drive people there.
  • Updating people regularly about the company’s work, their ideas, new developments, causes they support.

Another wave of change that influencer marketing has brought to the digital marketing game has been the uprise in the use of online mediums and content-focused marketing.

There has been a major increase in companies shifting to influencer marketing as their major tactic and have contributed to its success to an establishment and its product or service.

Instagram, youtube, twitter, blogs, websites, etc. all play a part in developing influencer marketing as a new and more prominent way to market just about anything in just about any part of the world.

If you haven’t got on the wave of this new trend yet then it’s about time you did.

Author-Misshka Guptaa

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